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Demystifying the costs of heat pumps for consumers

How can we show in a fun and engaging way that heat pumps are cheaper for most Canadians?

Client : Canadian Climate Institute
Year : 2023

A comprehensive assessment of the cost of climate change for the Canadian population

How can we capture the attention of decision-makers and compel them to act in the face of the costs of climate change?

Client : Canadian Climate Institute
Year : 2022

Freeing the US from its culture of detention

How can we demonstrate that there is a widespread culture of detention through the US court system, leading to record high rates of pretrial detention, and riddled with systemic biases.

Client : University of Chicago - Federal Criminal Justice Clinic
Year : 2022

A new look at the performance of residential and long-term care centres in Québec

How can we make visible the opportunities available to improve the living conditions for the most vulnerable elderly in Quebec?

Client : Commissaire à la santé et au bien-être
Year : 2022

Achieving net zero in Canada will require a Big Switch

How can we shine a light on the role of electricity in achieving Canada’s net zero targets?

Client : Canadian Climate Institute
Year : 2022

The star of our work

How a greeting card became something more.

Client : Voilà:
Year : 2022

The Canadian economy and the transition to a low-carbon world

How can we show the opportunities and the risks for Canada of the wave of low carbon at the global level?

Client : Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Year : 2021

Taking nature into account(ing)

How can we show that protecting biodiversity can be good for the economy?

Client : World Bank Group
Year : 2021

Networks at work

How can we show the strengths and weaknesses of the start-up ecosystem in Tokyo?

Client : Tokyo Development Learning Center
Year : 2021

Finding the Canadian path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions

How to explain clearly the myriad of ways by which Canada can achieve its target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050?

Client : Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Year : 2021

A portfolio of inclusive businesses for a sustainable future

How to present the project portfolio of a new Canadian international development organization?

Client : FinDev Canada
Year : 2021

Promoting food security for farming communities

How do you create a practical and easy-to-use tool to guide the collection and analysis of data that will ensure seed security?

Client : SeedChange
Year : 2020

Integration of new immigrants in Montréal

How to best communicate the efforts to finance integration activities for new immigrants in Montreal?

Client : Ville de Montréal
Year : 2020

Revealing parents’ and students’ priorities

How can you clearly communicate the results of a major consultation when the future of children depends on it?

Client : Commission scolaire de Montréal
Year : 2019

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