Encouraging young Quebec women to regularly exercise

Nine out of ten teenage girls in Quebec do not meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. A recent study demonstrates the benefits of Fillactive‘s program on teenagers’ physical and mental health, helping them to increase time spent practicing sport in a sustainable way. We worked to highlight these positive results in an accessible research report.

Cover of the report “Fillactive, ça marche!”.

The importance of the title

Too often, the title of a research report focuses on specifics but forgets to be catchy. Fillactive wanted maximum impact, so they needed a memorable title that reflected their mission. We played with their multi-sport approach and the main message of the report: “Fillactive, ça marche!”, which translates to “Fillactive, it works!”. The list of verbs related to physical activities emphasizes this double-meaning of the word “marche”, which also means “to walk”.

The design supports the title by giving a youthful energy and a sense of movement with the bouncing lines around the girls on the cover.

One page, one strong message

The pages were designed like slides in a presentation. Each page therefore carries a message that stands on its own. 

The visualizations were built in tandem with the layout, so that the different elements reinforce each other and help convey the messages in a powerful way.

Since Fillactive is about the active girls and the people who support them, photographs are prominent in the report. The photos are treated in monochrome so as not to disrupt the  visual overall, but to support the mission and messages.

Details matter

The report features information design choices that make the visualizations easy to understand at a glance.

The extended metaphor of sport makes the data accessible and attractive. This adds a playful aspect and helps keep the reader focused on the organization’s mission.

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