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A portfolio of inclusive businesses for a sustainable future

How to present the project portfolio of a new Canadian international development organization?

Client : FinDev Canada
Year : 2021

Promoting food security for farming communities

How do you create a practical and easy-to-use tool to guide the collection and analysis of data that will ensure seed security?

Client : SeedChange
Year : 2020

The daily difficulties of domesticated honeybees

How to demonstrate that the life of a honeybee is an obstacle course?

Client : Public service
Year : 2019

Integration of new immigrants in Montréal

How to best communicate the efforts to finance integration activities for new immigrants in Montreal?

Client : Ville de Montréal
Year : 2020

Revealing parents’ and students’ priorities

How can you clearly communicate the results of a major consultation when the future of children depends on it?

Client : Commission scolaire de Montréal
Year : 2019

Encouraging economic development in the East of Montréal

Historically, the East of Montreal is a region that has been less developed and less well served than the Center and the West. How can we mobilize political actors to restore equity?

Client : Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal
Year : 2019

A theory of change for inclusive businesses

How to present the way in which a new development organization intends to change the world?

Client : FinDev Canada
Year : 2019

Visualizing World Inequality

Income inequality is both a stark reality and an abstract concept shown in numbers and calculations. How can it be made visible at the national and international level?

Client : Public service
Year : 2019

Bamako: The time to act is now!

How to convey the immense opportunity of urban development in Bamako for all of Mali?

Client : World Bank Group
Year : 2018

Before It’s Too Late

How do you convey as clearly as possible that fauna is at a tipping point in a crucial spot of biodiversity in Africa?

Client : World Bank Group
Year : 2018

Toward a clean world for all

An independent evaluation found out that the World Bank Group is underinvesting in a major environmental problem. How to get this point across at a busy international conference?

Client : Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group
Year : 2018

Women smallholders in the financial inclusion agenda

How to show the complex results of a study showing that women do not have the same level of access to financial services as men in Tanzania and Mozambique?

Client : Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)
Year : 2018

The path to low-carbon, low-cost electricity grids

How are we going to get the right mix of energy sources in our electricity grids to achieve a low-carbon economy?

Client : Climate Policy Initiative
Year : 2017

Measuring global environmental protection efforts

What have the billions invested in saving the global environment accomplished? What can we learn from it?

Client : Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environmental Facility
Year : 2016

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