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We are information designers because we commit to understanding the substance and finding design solutions. See how we do it by engaging in a dialogue with our clients.

Networks at work

How can we show the strengths and weaknesses of the start-up ecosystem in Tokyo?

Client : Tokyo Development Learning Center
Year : 2021

The Canadian economy and the transition to a low-carbon world

How can we show the opportunities and the risks for Canada of the wave of low carbon at the global level?

Client : Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Year : 2021

Taking nature into account(ing)

How can we show that protecting biodiversity can be good for the economy?

Client : World Bank Group
Year : 2021

Promoting food security for farming communities

How do you create a practical and easy-to-use tool to guide the collection and analysis of data that will ensure seed security?

Client : SeedChange
Year : 2020

Encouraging economic development in the East of Montréal

Historically, the East of Montreal is a region that has been less developed and less well served than the Center and the West. How can we mobilize political actors to restore equity?

Client : Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal
Year : 2019

Bamako: The time to act is now!

How to convey the immense opportunity of urban development in Bamako for all of Mali?

Client : World Bank Group
Year : 2018

Before It’s Too Late

How do you convey as clearly as possible that fauna is at a tipping point in a crucial spot of biodiversity in Africa?

Client : World Bank Group
Year : 2018

The path to low-carbon, low-cost electricity grids

How are we going to get the right mix of energy sources in our electricity grids to achieve a low-carbon economy?

Client : Climate Policy Initiative
Year : 2017

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