What we offer

Voilà: is an information design firm. We combine analysis and design to convey complex information visually. We care about sustainable development, climate change, gender equality, social development, transparency, diversity and inclusion.


We help you find and communicate the stories in your data. We use the best practices to create clear and convincing visualizations.

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Reports and presentations

We can handle the production of longer documents, including data visualization and graphic design. We can help you focus your narrative and choose the right visuals.

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We offer training sessions and we are also available for talks and conferences.

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We love to share how we do information design. We offer training sessions that can go from one hour to one day. We are also available for talks and conferences.

Who we
work with

We are trusted by global and local organizations, big and small, all with the purpose of making the world a little better.

What we’ve done

We are information designers because we commit to understanding the substance and finding design solutions. Curiosity drives us. We want to understand and communicate that understanding. And we do it by engaging in a dialogue with our clients.

How can we shine a light on the role of electricity in achieving Canada’s net zero targets?
Client: Canadian Climate Institute
Year: 2022
How might we explain the scale of the problem that infrastructure faces in Canada under climate change?
Client: Canadian Climate Institute
Year: 2021
How can we show the strengths and weaknesses of the start-up ecosystem in Tokyo?
Client: Tokyo Development Learning Center
Year: 2021
How can we promote and generate interest in the preservation of the Fjord-du-Saguenay region’s heritage?
Client: Sépaq
Year: 2022
How can we show the opportunities and the risks for Canada of the wave of low carbon at the global level?
Client: Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Year: 2021
How can we show that protecting biodiversity can be good for the economy?
Client: World Bank Group
Year: 2021

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