Moving to a net zero future in an uncertain world

Moving to a net zero future in an uncertain world CPP Investments, Canada’s largest pension fund, is committed to achieve net zero in their portfolio and operations and they wanted to communicate their plans to a larger audience. We worked with them to craft an interactive explaining their commitment to all Canadians. A guiding […]

Demystifying the costs of heat pumps for consumers

In an office room, on a table, a desktop computer shows the interactive. The screen background is a pastel gradation of colour from pastel blue to orange. A paragraph of text faces an illustration of a heat pump, set in a dark blue circle. Bright orange and blue bubbles surround the boundaries of the circle.

Demystifying the costs of heat pumps for consumers As part of a project aimed at increasing the adoption of heat pumps, the Canadian Climate Institute challenged Voilà: to design a web-based interactive to demystify the costs of heat pumps. The interactive needed to present the costs of different heating and cooling configurations, across five different cities […]

Freeing the US from its culture of detention

Cover and double-page spread of a printed copy of the final report. The cover page has a strong visual metaphor of a gavel that doubles as a barred window. The background colour is dark and some light comes through the window, extending long shadows of the bars on the cover and giving the audience a point of view from inside of the cell. The double-page spread presented here is the header and first paragraphs of chapter one on the left page and a quote from the report on the right page.

Freeing the US from its culture of detention The University of Chicago Law School needed to get the most visual impact for a wide range of troubling statistics on the culture of detention that had taken root in the US justice system. The study shows with hard evidence that there is a complex systemic issue. […]

A new look at the performance of residential and long-term care centres in Québec

Cover of the report "La performance du système de soins et services aux aînés en CHSLD" as well as an electronic tablet displaying the home page of the html version of the report.

A new look at the performance of residential and long-term care centres in Québec The CSBE had a new method for evaluating the performance of long-term care facilities, which highlights major disparities across the territory. We accompanied them in the presentation of their study results, which highlighted numerous points for improvement in order to reach […]

Achieving net zero in Canada will require a Big Switch

Two copies of the summary report in print format. One is shown closed, showing the front cover of the report. It features a megaphone icon projecting a stream of light that illuminates a pylon icon. The title is "The Big Switch". The second report is presented open, and shows the highlight of a double page spread of the printed report. On the left page, we can see the first page of the second chapter, and on the right page, an infographic.

Achieving net zero in Canada will require a Big Switch In its new report, the Canadian Climate Institute lays the groundwork for a new electricity policy, exploring “the changes needed in Canada’s electricity systems to align them with net zero”. The challenge for Voilà: was to create compelling visuals that illustrate both the Institute’s message […]

Limiting the impacts of climate change on Canadian health

Overview of the scrollytelling on a computer screen. It shows a paragraph of text facing 15 black and white character portraits, each surrounded by several layers of grey and blue circles. The background of the scrollytelling is yellow.

Limiting the impacts of climate change on Canadian health The Canadian Climate Institute launched a series of reports on the costs of climate change and the health of Canadians is the subject of its second publication. We worked together to present these findings in the form of a scrollytelling piece. To jump to the scrollytelling […]

Taking nature into account(ing)

A picture of three copies of the report “The Economic Case for Nature”, arranged vertically like books one behind the other, on a gray background.

Taking nature into account(ing) The World Bank has developed a first-of-its-kind methodology to account for the value of nature in economic models. We worked with them to showcase the connection between biodiversity and economic development, the economic impacts of a collapse of ecosystems, and  “nature-smart” policies that provide the best way forward. Making the (visual) […]

The misunderstood role of water in conflict

Infographic printed as a poster

The misunderstood role of water in conflict What is the role of access to drinking water in the context of forced displacement and conflict? The World Bank Group called on Voilà: to visualize some of the findings in this report. The World Bank’s “Ebb and Flow, Volume 2 : Water in the Shadow of Conflict […]

Networks at work

La page de couverture du rapport. Le design est sobre avec un fond gris pâle et trois cercles de couleurs reliés par de minces lignes noires. Le design fait référence aux graphes de réseau contenus dans le rapport. Le titre est “Tokyo Start-Up Ecosystem”.

Networks at work The Tokyo Development Learning Center called on Voilà: to communicate clearly its comparison of Tokyo’s start-up ecosystem to similar innovation hubs around the world. Our challenge was to create intuitive visuals that presented this complex analysis of thousands of stakeholders and the relationships between them. Sleek layout with bright colors Given that […]

Integration of new immigrants in Montréal

Integration of new immigrants in Montreal The Ville de Montréal has identified eight high priority regions for the inclusion of new immigrants (“territoires d’inclusion prioritaires”). After more than a year of distributing funding that facilitates the integration of immigrants, they wanted to inform their partners of the nature of the projects funded. The distribution of […]