Mathieu Grégoire

Mathieu is a project manager and the lead of client relations. He builds and maintains personalized relationships with clients and accompanies them throughout their projects with Voilà:. He is the bridge to our expert teams and ensures that project objectives are met.

Mathieu is also responsible for project planning, implementation, budgeting and execution.

Certified in project management by HEC MTL, he has 15 years of experience as a manager, project manager and team leader. Whether in the creative, cultural, entrepreneurial or corporate sectors, he has had the opportunity to apply his skills to new initiatives, partnerships, business development projects, as well as operations and human resources management.

Multidisciplinary teamwork and human contact are at the heart of his experience. He cultivates an interest in strategy development, process optimization, communication and the search for innovative solutions.

He contributed to the creation of the Espace Rodier, a collaborative hub for networking and innovation in the ecosystems of acceleration, creative and cultural entrepreneurship, and impact entrepreneurship.

With a degree from the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal in 2009, Mathieu was first passionate about the performing arts, music and words, but also about gastronomy and wine. A sense of aesthetics, artistic language, storytelling and attention to detail have always been at the heart of his interests.

Investing in the world of information design for sustainable development, social economy and impact at Voilà: allows Mathieu to bring together all his areas of interest and expertise.

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