Marie-Blanche Rossi

Marie-Blanche joins the team as a graphic designer. In her work, she brings an aesthetic eye for detail that foregrounds the meaning of the messages conveyed in visuals at Voilà:. With degrees in environment and in graphic design, she sees information design as a vehicle to showcase her equally creative and structured way of thinking.

Marie-Blanche first began her studies in biology before obtaining a master’s degree in ecology in Montpellier. Attuned to the people and stories that surrounded her, she then took a further year of study with a master’s in journalism in Marseille. In 2012, she let her passion for travel lead her as she relocated to Montreal. This time, she let her creative side guide her and embarked on a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at École de design de l’UQAM, completing the program in 2021. All these experiences allowed her to better understand the functioning of her scientific and artistic thinking, and gave her the opportunity to create with a single objective: to understand the world around her.

In 2019, she participated in “Jeunes Pousses,” a workshop jointly organised by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and UQAM, to develop an educational mobile app with a multidisciplinary group of students. From this collaboration, the Bubble project was born, an engaging interactive experience about climate change. Curious and versatile, she won the audience award for her film “Les filles de l’air” at the Dérapage festival organized by the UQAM design school in 2021.

In her daily life at Voilà:, she lets shine her influences from the field of interaction design and her interest for typography and composition.

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