Julian Hernández

Julian Hernández is an information designer at Voilà:. He is responsible for creating engaging and insightful data visualizations that help viewers see the data from a different angle and consider new possibilities.

Julian comes from a UX Design background, with a bachelor’s degree in Design of Interactive Media from Universidad Icesi (Colombia). He also has several data cleaning, statistics, and data visualizations bootcamps under his belt.

Information design became one of his interests due to the feeling of discovery and shared insight it can create. Helping people get those Eureka moments was what made him fall in love with the field.

He has worked in journalism, the public sector, and for companies working with consumer goods. He loves reading about human-centered design, data visualization and perception, and the different ways we relate to technology.

Working at Voilà: allows him to combine his love for data visualization and his training as an interaction designer. He can explore solutions to data visualization problems mixing different perspectives while keeping a focus towards usability and readability. 

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