Jessie Cabot

Jessie is project coordinator. She is in charge of the internal management and ensures the smooth running of the team’s operations. She also takes care that our mission reaches a bigger community. 

With her empathy, her analytical mind, her strategic vision, her curiosity and her organizational skills, she makes sure that everything is in place and constantly improving inside of Voilà:.

Drawn to visual communication and storytelling, Jessie studies photojournalism in France. In the summer of 2015, she decided to move to Montreal to do a visual and media art’s course at UQAM to explore other mediums of expression. During that time, she developed a passion towards printing techniques and quickly took part in the artist-run centers circle appreciating small intrepid structures. 

After graduation, she became a project manager for a number of bold initiatives working to expand culture through a social, local, circular and solidarity-based economy.

In 2020, she was appointed Chairwoman of the Board of Arprim, centre d’essai en arts imprimés and took part in Concertation Montreal’s first cohort, the Groupe des Vingt, dedicated to diversity in NPO’s administrative structures.

Throughout her career, Jessie has been committed to research, creation and inclusive communication for a more cohesive society related to her concerns about socio-economic issues.

Voilà:’s mission therefore strongly resonated with her and presented itself as the logical next step in her career path.

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