Voilà: wins Gold!

Francis Gagnon
December 7, 2022
A visual overview of projects in 2021 at Voilà. On a black background, it is shaped like a snowflake or a spider web, with the twelve months going around like a clock. In the middle, there are yellow diamonds that representt the number of staff, going from 4 to 7. Around, there are various shapes that show the sectors of the projects (environment, social, governance). They have little arrows that represent the type of work: infographics, dashboard, interactive, etc.

Out of 1250 entries, Voilà: won one of the 10 gold awards

at the Information is Beautiful Awards 2022, in the Business Analytics category, for the project “The Star of our Work” designed by Celia Albano and Francis Gagnon.

The ceremony was held in Washington D.C. on November 30th. Silver went to the Growth Lab, at Harvard University, and bronze went to Pradeep Kumar G, a data visualization designer from India.

The winning visualization is an overview of the studio’s activities in 2021. Shaped like a star in a spiderweb, it represents every project of the year with its duration, topic and product. The yellow lozenges represent the growing staff of the studio, with hiring periods highlighted in glow.

The visual was developed as a greeting card for clients, partners, collaborators and friends. It was sent via newsletter in January 2022. The team explained the development process on Behance.

Voilà: also had two more projects shortlisted:

The interactive portfolio of FinDev Canada, also in the Business Analytics category,

and an illustration about the role of water in conflict in the Humanitarian category, based on research by the World Bank Group.

This changes things for Voilà :

A little over three years ago, the studio was an upstart trying to make it in the big world. This award suggests that we have reached a new threshold. No longer an underdog, but one of the established information design studios in the world, whose work is recognized.

This comes with responsibilities. We expect more scrutiny of our work and our words. We will have to learn a little more in the public eye. It is also an opportunity to use this visibility to shine a light on the work of others. Dozens of amazing projects were submitted to the awards. We selected a few of our favorites in this blog post.

This community elevates its members. It creates enthusiasm, recognition, it transfers knowledge, and it is generous in all it does. Being a part of it is a joy and a privilege.

The Data Visualization Society has done an amazing job in bringing back these awards. The professionalism of the event, the engagement with the community all along the process are beyond impressive.

Thanks a million to all involved.

Picture of the trophy: Information is Beautiful Awards, Winner Gold, Business Analytics 2022.
Francis Gagnon

Francis Gagnon

Francis Gagnon is the founder of Voilà: (2013), an information design company specializing in sustainable development.

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