Voilà: celebrates its 10th anniversary

Jessie Cabot
November 12, 2023

On October 12, 2023, Voilà: gathered members of its community for a vibrant and lively evening at it’s new office; here’s the story. 

Photo credit (above and the following): Cédric Joly 

Reveal yourself through fun

As a warm-up activity, each guest was asked to personalize their own name tags, as it would reveal the different points of connection with the themes of our work. All these choices were also displayed on a board to visualize the key trends of that evening.

A second activity requested participants to share their relationship with Montreal, the social or environmental theme closest to their hearts, and their outlook on the future. Throughout the event, people contributed to the collective drawings on the wall.

Finally, a quiz station, where participants could finally find the  answer to the big question: “What type of chart are you?”

These three interactive activities were designed with a playful approach to learning information design—an important part of our vision!  

Showcasing our technical and creative expertise

The team seized the opportunity to create an exhibition of our flagship projects from the last ten years. 

10 years of Voilà: in 41 milestones

First contracts, award ceremonies, recruitments… 41 milestones throughout the story of Voilà: were added to the wall and sorted as a long timeline. A great exercise to remember our growth.

Entrepreneurship: a constant learning curve

For six years, Francis Gagnon was Voilà:’s one-man band, before starting creating a first team in 2019. We are now nine work colleagues! That explains how entrepreneurship is at the heart of Voilà:, and we are lucky to be supported by PME MTL (a support network for Montreal’s businesses). Their guidance is valuable.

Amel Chatti from PME MTL and Francis Gagnon, founder of Voilà: 
Photo credit: Cédric Joly

Expanding our visual identity

Our new outfits unified the team on the big night: t-shirts in Voilà:’s signature colors, designed by our graphic designers and proudly worn by our members!

Photo credit: Voilà:

We’d like to really thank everyone who came to share these moments with us:

  • Thank you to all the members of the Voilà: team, and those who have been part of it over the past ten years.

  • Thank you to our guests of honour Julien Bourque former employee of the Climate Institute of Canada and Amel Chatti from PME MTL for their support and kind words.

  • Thank you to all our guests, friends, families, collaborators, clients and partners, who came to celebrate with us.

  • Thank you to Cédric Joly for capturing the highlights of the evening. I invite you to check out the  video of our event for more festive moments. (2 mins viewing time)

  • Thank you to l’Échoppe des Fromages for the food.

  • Thank you to Poche et fils for producing our custom t-shirts.

  • Thank you to Bourgeoise Sérigraphe for printing our creations.

AND, finally, thank you to all those who believe in our mission and our expertise.

The adventure continues!

Picture of Jessie Cabot

Jessie Cabot

Jessie is project coordinator. She is in charge of the internal management and ensures the smooth running of the team’s operations. She also takes care that our mission reaches a bigger community.

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