Olivia Gélinas

Olivia constitutes the team’s technical expertise at Voilà:. From a design’s initial conception to its completion, she aims to bring information design to life through interactivity. Backed by a master’s degree in computer engineering, she’s equipped to provide clients with technical solutions which are just as innovative as user-friendly. Proficient in programming, her chosen tool is often D3.

Throughout her bachelor’s degree in software engineering followed by her master’s degree in computer engineering at Polytechnique, Olivia has taken an interest in topics relating to engineering, technology, and computer sciences. She started her professional career with internships at Intact and Moment Factory, where she dug deeper into the field of software automation, particularly from a continuous integration perspective. Notably, her work at Moment Factory piqued her curiosity towards digital media and user interaction design.

As she continued her university career, her work under professor Jinghui Cheng in the HCD lab expanded her knowledge of human-computer interactions. In parallel, she widened her field of interest by taking specialized courses on topics such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, data science, and software interface design. 

In fall 2019, Olivia completed an internship at the newspaper Le Devoir, under IVADO’s data journalism bursary. During this internship, she published articles relating to socio-political realities in Canada, designing and programming web-based data visualizations. Following this experience, she hopes to continue to use her technical skills in creative ways, while striving to help make a difference in the world.

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