Noémie Fortin-Brunet

Noémie is a coordinator at Voilà:. She structures, documents and follows the development of each project. Curious, versatile and driven by an analytical mindset, she enjoys finding the most effective path to accomplish a goal.

She ensures that projects run smoothly while striving for continuous improvement, convinced that good processes yield good results.

Interested by the expressive potential of digital technologies, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in interactive media from UQAM’s communications department. She worked on interactive installations presented in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles as part of her studies. That’s where she developed her skills in user-centric experience design, with a sensible and humanistic approach.

Noémie worked in the videomapping sector, developing concepts to highlight the technical and creative possibilities of different software and hardware tools.

She later worked with artists and cultural organizations as a digital development agent. She organized talks, conducted workshops and hosted panels on subjects as diverse as cybersecurity, immersive video, ethical issues regarding social media, or interactive scenography. Motivated by complex communication challenges, she also lead web projects for the cultural sector.

Her work at Voilà: allows her to be involved in issues she cares about and to learn every day.

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