Erica Bugden

Erica designs and develops visualisations and proposes improvements for existing ones. She also researches and writes about information design, along with helping to organize activities and formalize processes at Voilà.

Her bachelor’s in computer engineering gives her a solid base for analysis and implementation, while her scientific background facilitates understanding and describing complex topics.

During her engineering degree at Polytechnique Montréal, she discovered information design through Thomas Hurtut’s data visualisation class. These days, her enthusiasm for information design is palpable and periodically results in unrestrained excited commentary. 

Through her engineering internships related to analyzing challenging technical issues, she has developed an ability to break down and explain complicated subjects in a concise and precise way. She has worked in Germany under Thomas Gleixner, one of the most influential Linux kernel developers, analyzing minuscule yet significant delays in critical systems. Her internship involved defining and communicating techniques for tracking down these frequently elusive issues using specialized tools. She has also worked for the developers of the LTTng Linux kernel tracer, exploring options for dynamically instrumenting software and analyzing the reliability of critical software in rare but potentially destructive situations.      

Her curiosity and eagerness to understand was recognized early in her academic journey when she received a certificate for “Most genuine interest in science” from the director of the honour’s Pure and Applied Science program at Dawson College.

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