Jon Schwabish on government graphs, HelpMeViz, and his own future

There are many reasons you might know Jon Schwabish. He’s an economist at the CBO whose graphs have been shown in Congress, a freelance trainer in data visualization and presentation techniques, the creator of, and one of the organizers of the DC Dataviz Meetups. He tweets and blogs regularly, his guest posts have been featured on, and […]

Interview: Cole Nussbaumer on Google, what businesses need and what’s hard to unlearn

If you’re looking online for a data visualization training, it’s likely you’ve come across Cole Nussbaumer. That’s what happened to me when I registered for what turned out to be her very first public workshop, after years of teaching at Google and to other organizations. She describes her views and teachings in various articles, but here […]

Interview: Alberto Cairo on MOOCs, the future of education and infographics

Alberto Cairo It’s been a busy year for Alberto Cairo. In January, he started teaching information graphics and visualization at the School of Communication of the University of Miami; in August he published The Functional Art; and, from October to December, he gave his first massive open online course (MOOC) as a teacher. Having been […]