Insomnia, COP15 and a trophy: 10 projects that tell our story

Francis Gagnon presenting the team with the Scientific American issue in which Voilà: graphs were published

After a decade of existence, Voilà: has had many adventures and witnessed encounters that have helped build its story. At the heart of our daily life in the company, it’s also the projects that we deliver that stimulate and challenge us. We’ve chosen ten of them for their outstanding role; make yourself comfortable, as we present them to you below ☕

Domesticated Honeybees: Improving conservation through communication

A page, an illustration, a few paragraphs. The result appears straightforward, but it is only the final step in a long process full of detours and dead ends. Here we share the decisions we took while developing a recent illustration (in a more or less chronological order) including what we would do differently next time. […]